Bibliotech Tarot Deck



Finally, The Bibliotech Tarot is real and ready to be yours! This dark cyberpunk tarot deck took two years in the making and couldn’t be possible without the thanks of my supportive Kickstarter backers and Printninja.

The Bibliotech Tarot deck includes completely illustrated major and minor arcana, a total of 78 cards all done in a black and white monochrome cyberpunk reimagining of the the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot. The 2.75x4.75" cards have a high-quality black core, and a velvet texture. All packaged in a durable two-piece box.

Delve into this strange and bizarre world, take a glimpse into its timeline with each card, unravel its mysteries through visuals alone. A world where death can be transcended through technology, a world that questions what it means to be alive, what it means to be human, and hopefully may answer some questions of your own, and may offer you some guidance.

Whether you use the tarot for divination, games, as a collector’s item or even just to admire the artwork, I have to thank you for taking interest in the Bibliotech Tarot.